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Our Ministry

Amazing Grace International is a non-profit Virginia charity devoted to education. Founded by Mike Tune, pulpit minister for the Church of Christ in Falls Church, Virginia, we currently focus on two projects.

Bible Study Course

Our Bible course is devoted to religious education, specifically, teaching about Christianity. We have been offering courses since 1993, and we now have students in all 50 U.S. states and in over a dozen countries around the world.

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Educating the Poor

Recently, we began helping poor children in third-world countries go to school by paying their tuition. Currently, we operate in two cities in Vietnam. The program is called “Tom’s Kids,” named for the missionary who founded the project.

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Bible Study Aids

We offer resources that may be helpful to you in your study of the Bible. We hope you’ll take advantage of them, and contact us with any questions.

“Reading the Bible Without Getting Lost”

reading the bible without getting lost. a book by Mike Tune.

“Scripture did not spring from the imaginations of ancient men, but holy men spoke and wrote as they were carried along by the Spirit of God” (2 Pet. 1:21).

This simple handbook serves as a guide to help beginning readers of the Bible arrive where the Spirit intended. The Bible is a vast library of writings spanning centuries and cultures. It can be daunting and confusing for inexperienced Bible readers. Reading the Bible without Getting Lost gets to the heart of every book of the Bible and provides a reader’s roadmap through each one. In addition, it provides an overview of the biblical story, a brief treatment of types of literature in the Bible, and a simple guide to studying the Bible.

There are many books on biblical interpretation and many hefty introductions to the Bible, but this book joins the two into a manageable size and simple presentation for beginning Bible students. Chapters cover an overview of the Bible story, as well as introductions to all 66 of the Bible sections. There is also a chapter on biblical interpretation.

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Mike’s Blog: Grace Words

We encourage people every year to read the Bible every day. To help with that, Mike writes a blog on each day’s reading.

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Mike’s Sermons

Mike preaches through a book of the Bible each year. We invite you to hear and download recent sermons.

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Your donations make a world of difference. And you can choose the program you’d like to support.

Bible Study Course

We advertise our Bible Study course in USA TODAY, and donations like yours make those ads possible. Additionally, they help us pay for the courses we offer by mail to those can take them no other way. Hundreds of prisoners throughout the U.S. penal system enroll each year for example, and most are indigent.

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Educating the Poor

It takes very little to change the lives of some of the world’s poorest children. Every $15 you donate pays for another child in Vietnam to go to school.

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