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Reading Through the Bible, April 19. 1 Chronicles 17-19


That’s the right word to describe David.

He has undertaken to build God a house, a temple.  But the Lord insists that it is not David who will do something for God.  God will do something for David.

This promise to David is astounding.  What king could ever, in his right mind, believe that he would always have a descendant to sit on the throne of his people?  Usurpers, rebels, and even barrenness are realities that affect every kingdom.  But God says it will not affect David’s.  David’s throne will be eternal.

David is astounded that God would make such a promise to him.  With that promise comes eternal security and peace for God’s people.  David says: “Who am I and what is my family that you have brought us this far?”  David goes on to be astounded that God would bless His people in such a magnificent way and as he does, he echoes the astonishment of Moses (read Deuteronomy 4:7-8, 33-34).

Astonishment should fill the hearts of all of God’s people that the Lord would set us apart from everyone else and grant us blessings no one else will receive.  God has given us priority, preference and prominence.  Not because we deserve it, but because we have placed our trust in Him.  It is an astounding reward.