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Monday, March 26. 1 Samuel 1 – 3

I don’t know about you, but after all the wickedness of Judges, I’m ready for a change of climate.  How about a little good news for a change?

The lovely story of Ruth answers our request, followed by the wonderful prayer of Hannah.  Gideon evidenced only historical knowledge of God – knowledge of his works.  Hannah’s knowledge however reaches much deeper.

For Hannah, God is unique and because of His uniqueness, He is the only God.  She knows God to be a judge of the hearts of men, matchless in His strength and in His power to triumph over death itself.  He is the source of all blessings.

But there is something else: This matchless God has a soft spot in His heart for the oppressed.  He feels for the poor and needy and not only has the ability to turn their world upside down (in a good way), but does it.

Hannah’s song begins with a reference to God’s “holiness” (vs.2), but ends with a reference to those who make it their aim to be holy – like God (she refers to them as “saints” in verse 9 of the New International Version).  God has special regard for them.  He guards them, avenges them, and exalts them. Blessing is not just a matter of election.  Behavior also enters into the equation.

Who would have thought that in the dark days of the Judges, anyone would have such an advanced, familiar theology.  When days are dark, knowing the Lord gives hope.