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Reading Through the Bible, Tuesday, April 26. 2 Chronicles 11-13

“He took everything.”

Those are likely the saddest words in this reading.

After Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, was established and strong as a monarch, he abandoned the law of the Lord.  And God said: “You’ve abandoned me.  Now I abandon you.”

After eight chapters emphasizing the greatness, majesty, glory, wealth and reputation of Solomon’s reign and God’s munificent blessings (remember that even the Queen of Sheba acknowledged Solomon’s glory was from the Lord), all was lost in one generation.

That’s all it takes.  Sometimes it happens faster than that.

God cares nothing for gold or silver.  He doesn’t care what people think.  He cares about His people, and He cares that they acknowledge and obey Him.  Those who don’t can lose it all.

In a heartbeat.