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Friday, September 20. 2 Chronicles 21 – 23

Notice the following kings and their reigns:

Northern Kingdom (Israel)                     Southern Kingdom (Judah)
Omri (885 – 874)                                        Jehoshaphat (870 – 848 B.C.)
Ahab (874 – 853 B.C.)
Ahaziah (853 – 852)
Jehoram (852 – 841)                                   Jehoram (848 – 841)
Jehoram continues                                     Ahaziah (841)
Jehu                                                            Athaliah

Can you see how closely tied the northern and southern kingdoms were? Jehoshaphat married his son Jehoram to the daughter of Ahab, Athaliah. Jehoram named his son (Ahaziah) after the son of Ahab and Ahaziah named his son after the king of the south.

The Chronicler has precious little to say about the northern kingdom until he arrives at this point, but the mention of all these names shows us how close the rulers of the two kingdoms were. In fact, it was their closeness that nearly caused the collapse of the southern kingdom altogether. The continued message lies in the danger of making too strong an alliance with those who do not care for the Lord. The New Testament warns us against tying ourselves too tightly and too closely with those who have no regard for God (2 Corinthians 6:14). Somehow, to reach the lost, we must walk the fine line that seeks to influence the world for good, without tying ourselves to it. How can we succeed? Without a tighter association with the Church, tighter than our associations with the world, we likely cannot.