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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, April 9. 2 Kings 9-12

Are you lost yet?

Kings is a synchronistic  history: it moves back and forth between the kings of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) and the Southern Kingdom (Judah).  And about here, keeping them straight becomes a problem.  Perhaps a list might be helpful, beginning with the death of Solomon.


Southern Kingdom

Rehoboam (ruled 17 years)

Abijah (3 years

Asa (41 years)







Jehoshaphat (25 years)

Northern Kingdom

Jeroboam (ruled 22 years)



Nadab (2 years)

Baasha (24 years)

Elah (2 years)

Zimri (7 days)

Omri (12 years)

Ahab (22 years)



Jehoshaphat becomes king of Judah in the fourth year of Ahab, and he began his rule well, doing what was “right in the eyes of the Lord.”  But his righteousness did not last.  During his reign, he made peace with Israel, and that meant he and his kingdom were influenced for evil by the Northern Kingdom.  Jehoshaphat even married his son, Jehoram, to Ahab’s daughter, Athaliah.  They had a son, Ahaziah.  Now the two houses were mingled.  Ahab was succeeded by his sons

Ahaziah (2 years) and

Joram (12 years)

And Jehoshaphat was succeeded by his son and then his grandson

Jehoram (8 years)

Ahaziah (1 year)

As you enter this reading, here are important points: (1) Israel and Judah have become allies.  (2) The King of Israel (Joram) is the uncle of Ahaziah (king of Judah).  (3) Both follow the rule of Ahab, who was the most wicked king in Israel’s history.  (4) God has both of them killed by Jehu, one of Ahab’s former bodyguards.  (5) Jehu becomes king of Israel and Ahaziah’s mother attempts to become Queen of Judah by killing her own grandson, Joash.  (6) Joash is rescued and hidden for six years while Athaliah rules as Queen.  (7) Athaliah is finally killed, and Joash becomes king at age 7.  These are dark days for Judah, but God acts to preserve her and her Davidic line.