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Saturday, November 15. Acts 28 – Romans 3

Paul’s voyage to Rome is a fitting end to this encouraging book. Despite persecution and opposition, God’s people, executing God’s will, simply cannot be stopped.

Remember Jesus’ arrest and trial. From his healing of the High Priest’s servant (Luke 22:31), to his defiant confrontation and condemnation of those who would arrest him, the Jews who tried him, and Pilate who condemned him, there is no mistake who is in charge of the whole affair: it is Jesus.

Likewise, under the protecting hand of God, Paul has been in charge of his life. He confronts Felix concerning his sins, pointedly corrects Festus, and boldly tries to convert Herod Agrippa II. Despite the fact that he is a prisoner, Paul advises the captain (without success) on his sailing dates, encourages the seamen regarding their future, advises the centurion regarding the activities of the soldiers, and encourages all to eat. After their shipwreck, Paul builds a fire for the survivors, shakes off a viper as if it were nothing, is welcomed into the home of a nearby official and heals the official’s father. By the time they get to Rome, Paul seems fairly free to do as he pleases.

And he does.

Though under house arrest, it is his house, hired with money from . . . where? God has provided. For two years he preaches the word boldly without hindrance.

If Acts was written for a Roman official considering the case of Paul, the message is clear: Be careful what you do to this man (and those like him). The cause he is pressing is of God, and nothing can stop it.

Do you believe that?