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In Consideration

Driving Monica’s little Fiat I was heading to Fairfax from Great Falls, running late, in a hurry, and traveling an unfamiliar road. In the distance I noticed the road narrowed for a small bridge.  On the other side, equidistant to the bridge, a van was headed my way.  At first I thought I might get to the bridge first.  He obviously thought he would.  Neither of us slowed and we crossed the bridge at the same time – his horn blaring all the while.

I thought: “That was a little close” and “why was he honking at me?” and “there ought to be a sign about that bridge.”  Over the course of the next week, I had occasion to drive that road again – twice – and I noticed there was a sign warning about the bridge and another sign on both sides, to “yield.”  Obviously missed them the first go round.

Often, personal conflicts come because both sides forget each has a responsibility to yield.  No one should get their way all the time, or expect to.  Not even being in the right makes being inconsiderate excusable.  Christ’s call to be considerate, give preference to others, and look to the needs of others first will help us to avoid disaster.  Though sometimes being inconsiderate isn’t intentional – just a by-product of being in a hurry, not paying attention, or not thinking – that doesn’t make it excusable.  It may, however, require a horn blast to bring us back to reality.