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Tuesday, July 31. Daniel 10 – 12

    The final three chapters of Daniel go together and the story within that section is the result of a vision Daniel received in the third year of Cyrus.  Chapter 10 pulls back the curtain for us a bit and we see that the struggles of earthly kingdoms, and the suffering of God’s people, is not just to political forces.  These are but symptomatic of a greater struggle that is cosmic involving the angels of heaven themselves.

    You will notice in these last chapters some repetitions:

*    First, the discussion of four empires occurs in chapters 2,7,8, and 11.

*    A ruler arises, characterized by pride, and his rule adversely affects the people of God (7:21; 8:12, 24; 9:26; 11:28 – 41).

*    His rule will not last long (7:9-11; 8:25; 11:45)

*    God and His people will ultimately triumph (7:26-27; 12:2-3)

*    The end of all things will come (7:25; 8:14; 12:6)

    Daniel gives us, in ever increasing detail – but never too much detail –  the story of the world’s future.

    Remember that Daniel is writing all this two years after the first return of the Jews Jerusalem from captivity.  The Lord has spoken through His prophets of the great days to come for His people, but Daniel holds all of that in check, telling them that bad times are not over – not for a very long time.