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Saturday, September 20. Daniel 12; Hosea 1 – 3

It’s difficult to read the final chapter of Daniel without thinking of the end of time – perhaps because “the end” is mentioned three times (vss. 4, 9, and 13). It’s also difficult to read it without thinking of the book of Revelation. So many phrases sound like John’s last book.

* The mention of names “written in a book” (Revelation 20:15; 21:27 – though this idea also appears in other places in the Bible – eg. Exodus 32:32).
* Raising a hand toward heaven and swearing by Him who lives forever and ever (Revelation 10:5-6).
* Sealing up the scroll (Revelation 22:10).

A significant point of the final chapter is that the future is assured. God knows what it is because He is determining it Himself. Those who want to be a part of that future should be wise and lead others in righteousness.

A significant difficulty is the change in numbers, from 1290 days to 1335 days. Is this a mistake, or is the writer calling for patience “just a little longer.” It’s difficult to know, and that’s one of the features of the final chapter. The Lord has reserved complete information about the end of time to Himself. He has given us just enough information to assure us He is in control, but has been obscure enough to keep us still in the dark. Until He comes, our trust must be in Him.