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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, May 14. Esther 10- Job 3

    How do you explain an orphan girl of a hated race becoming the favored wife of the most powerful king on earth?

    How do you explain the presence of another person of that hated race at in the court of the same king?

    How was it that Mordecai just happened to over hear plans to assassinate Xerxes?

    How was it that the reward for foiling such a plot went unappreciated?

    How was it that Esther, after a month of no contact with the king, was allowed into his presence?

    How was it that, on a night Xerxes couldn’t sleep, that the account of Mordecai’s foiling Xerxes’ assassination and his failure to reward Mordecai was read to him?

    How was it that this text was read to the king on the evening just before Haman was to ask to have Mordecai killed?

    How was it that Xerxes walked into the room just as Haman was falling on the Queen’s couch to beg for his life?

    One or two of these could be a coincidence.

    But ALL of them?  At just the right time?

    The name of God may not be in this book, but God’s fingerprints are all over the story.