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Reading Through the Bible, Saturday, January 29. Exodus 35-37

What strikes me as I begin this section of Exodus is the repeated emphasis on “willingness.”  It’s true God commanded Israel bring offerings for the building of the tabernacle, but the offerings recognized by Moses are “freewill” offerings brought by the “willing,” those whose hearts were moved to give to God.

The second thing that strikes me is what was brought: Gold, silver, bronze, brooches, earrings, rings) expensive yarn and linen, red rams’ skins, hides of sea cows, olive oil and onyx stones.  Where’d they get all this stuff?  They had been slaves in Egypt.  They left at a moment’s notice.  How did they acquire all this?  Moses has told us.  When Israel left Egypt, they asked their Egyptian masters for expensive presents, and so, Moses wrote, “they plundered the Egyptians.”

When God’s people trust Him and obey Him, he blesses them beyond all reason.  When His blessed people realize all that God is doing and has done for them, they respond out of willing hearts.  For some, bringing the raw materials wasn’t enough.  They spun the yarn and linen and goat hair.  Others brought raw materials AND did the work.  After all, they were making a house for the Lord, their provider and deliverer.

May we always be aware of the great grace shown us in the blessings of God, and may we be seen to be thankful people who willingly bring the Lord raw materials, time and talent, that His house, the Church, might be a glorious home, the envy of the world.