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Wednesday, February 8. Exodus 35 – 37

If you find yourself feeling like you are sloughing through the same old stuff, don’t be embarrassed, you are sloughing through the same old stuff – but it’s not the first time in this book.

There is a common occurrence of repetition: God tells Moses what to say to the people, and then, Moses goes and says it – sometimes with the same words, sometimes different words, and sometimes the text just says “Moses told them.”

In an age like our own when everyone wants to “cut to the chase,” and “get to the ‘bottom line’,” this repetition doesn’t go over very well, particularly in this case where the repetition is nearly verbatim.  But there is value.

In the directions and the fulfillment, Moses refers to what Israel is to “make” or what they “made” 236 times.  In the beginning of the book, Israel made “storage cities.”  Here, they build a “dwelling place” or “sanctuary” for God.  Their lives have changed immeasurably for the better and by repeating the magnificent detail of the tabernacle, God makes that point abundantly clear.

Finally, in this repetition, God emphasizes that what He said would happen actually did.  It happened in spite of Pharaoh and his army.  It happened in spite of an idolatrous Israel.  God will have His way.  Again, repetition makes the point abundantly clear.