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Sunday, September 7. Ezekiel 18 – 21

I’ve heard dirges sung like anthems, and anthems sung like dirges. Probably you have too. The hymn that begins: “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness” I’ve heard sung so slowly and mournfully that you’d wonder how it could possibly be an anthem of hope.

Ezekiel doesn’t want this to happen to chapter 19 of his book. It is a mournful hymn, and he intends it be sung that way (vs. 14).

The hymn describes the fall of king Jehoahaz (vss. 2-4), king Jehoiachin (vss. 5-9), and finally, king Zedekiah (vss. 10-14). His fall signaled the end of Judah, the “vine” in the vineyard that had been so fruitful and strong. Though God planned the fall of all these men, no one should imagine their fall was a good thing. It was simply a signal of the corrupt core of the Lord’s people.