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Monday, August 12. Ezekiel 31 – 33

If the ruler of Tyre, symbol of the Tyrian empire, was pictured as living in the garden of God (chapter twenty-eight), the Egyptian empire is pictured in chapter thirty-one as a mighty tree in that garden. Actually, the image of the tree applies first to Assyria, a nation by this time in ruins. Egypt remains, but like Assyria, her pride too will be her downfall and her great tree will be cut down by God, her inhabitants to die the death of those who do not belong to God.

Moderns wrestle with the notion of a separation of Church and State – and it is appropriate we do that. We certainly do not want the Church to be mandating as a matter of civil law church attendance and baptism. But on the other hand, God is sovereign. He does intend that the nations, all nations, our nation, recognize His power and will and law and submit accordingly. Sometimes, there is a delicate balance. When a nation, due to its military and/or economic might exalts itself over the One who provided both, God has a habit of bringing that nation to its knees.

Or worse.