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Sunday, July 1. Hosea 5 – 8

Hosea chapter 6 begins with words that sound an awful lot like repentance.

She surely has a lot to be penitent for.

As I mentioned in our reading of Hosea, it is a good practice as you read the prophets to make a list of the sins condemned.  The sin of idolatry is, of course, very present in this book, but it is not the only sin.  Unfaithfulness to God is seen in daily behavior, a behavior that expresses itself in a society characterized by murder (1:4), a deliberate ignorance of God’s will (4:6), sexual promiscuity (4:14-15), drunkenness, and a greater trust in political alliances and machinations than the Lord (5:13-14).

However she sounds, Israel is not penitent, and God knows it.  She voices all the words of a contrite heart, but her contrition is temporary.  God says it is like a morning mist or dew, all too soon gone.  Like any addict, there is regret, until desire rises once again.

And so, though God would have it otherwise, He has no choice but to decree a day of justice.  Then as now, a day of judgment awaits.  The wise will make change while there is still time.  Israel, of course, did not.