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Thursday, August 7. Isaiah 39 – 41

Chapter 39 is a bit of a puzzle. What, really, was the problem with what Hezekiah did with the envoys from Merodach-Baladan in Babylon?

Perhaps the answer can be found in what the envoys brought: gifts and letters.

What would the letters say?

Perhaps they were an invitation to join the Babylonian king in rebelling against Assyria. If so, then Hezekiah seems eager to join in the fray and his “showing off” demonstrated his ability to be a viable ally. In addition, his alliance with Babylon gave him protection against Assyria if her army returned.

But God didn’t want Hezekiah making alliance with other nations – or trusting anyone but the Lord. Hezekiah in this obvious breech of faith seals his doom. What he showed, would become Babylon’s.

Our hope never rests on alliances with people of the world. They do not seal or ensure our future. Our hope must be in the Lord and in Him alone.