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Wednesday, July 18. Isaiah 47 – 49

    As we continue through this part of Isaiah (chapters 40 – 66), you will find a number of references to Babylon.  God said in chapter 39 that Judah’s destiny was to be captives in Babylon.

    Interestingly, Babylon is not a world power in Isaiah’s day (in the early 700’s B.C.), but through the prophet, God speaks of her as the great nation He knows she will become.  He speaks of Judah’s captivity as if it has already taken place, and, as we’ve seen in chapter 45, He speaks of the end of Babylon as a foregone conclusion – even naming her conqueror (Cyrus) 150 years before he was born.

    Isaiah 48 is an “I told you so” chapter.  Writing as if Judah is already captive, God tells her it is her own fault.  It didn’t have to be that way.  She could have listened.  But she didn’t.  As Babylonian captives read this book nearly two centuries later, God’s message is pointed: There is no rest for the wicked.  Wickedness and rebellion have been their choice.  They are reaping the fruit of their choices.

    Life is full of choices.  When we make the wrong ones, we must be responsible to admit it.  The person who, more often than not, blames others for his problems will never learn from his mistakes, and will continue to have the same life.  If your life seems to go from one bad situation to another, perhaps it is time to wonder if you are not in fact the real culprit and seek the guidance of righteous people who are having a better time of it.