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Thursday, July 19. Isaiah 50 – 52

    When troubles come, where do you go first?

    Writing some years ago, a marriage counselor commented that most of the time, men go into a “cave” where they try to work out their problems.  Women, he said, talk through theirs.  Men often think through them alone.

    Judah is filled with difficulties.  She has tried to work them out on her own (walked in the light of her own torch – 50:11).  She has consulted others.  But she has not consulted the one who created her, who creates seas and dries them up, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth.  She has not consulted the only one who can resolve her difficulties and make her problems go away.

    So again, when troubles come, where do you go first?

    If not to the Lord, you are wasting your time.