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Saturday, August 30. Jeremiah 48 – 51

The arm and judgments of the Lord are not limited. Beginning in chapter 46, the Lord pronounces his determinations against Israel’s neighbors – and even against those who were not neighbors. The prophet begins with Egypt, moves to the coast of Canaan and the Philistines, then, the Moabites, Edomites, and Ammonites. This moves us up the eastern side of the Jordan to above the Sea of Galilee. Above Israel was Syria with her capital at Damascus. Then, Kedar and Hazor along the route that would take a traveler to Babylon. Surprisingly, the Lord skips over Babylon itself and moves east of the nation to that of Elam (today, Iran) and then, back finally to Babylon where the long chapters 50 & 51 fortell her demise.

The point for God’s people in every generation is that every nation falls under the ruling hand of the God of Israel. There are no exceptions. God’s people must not entrust themselves to the benevolence of other nations, no matter how trying times get. God is the master of all – rise and fall – and only He is worthy of our trust.