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Saturday, September 1. Jeremiah 50 – Lamentations 1

    For two long chapters, Jeremiah proclaims the end of Babylon, and it would be hard to find more words that would announce so complete a destruction.  Notice that Jeremiah, in order to make his point about Babylon’s through decimation, uses at least three names to describe her: “Leb Kamai”, “Babylonia” and “Sheshach” and (if you are reading the footnotes in your Bible), “Chaldea.”  No matter what you call her, God will destroy her.

    But who is listening?

    Probably no one.

    The message, however, was not one meant to be announced in Judea.  It was to be written down and given to a relative of Baruch (Seraiah) and read to God’s people in Babylon.


    To give them direction and hope.

    While the Lord had urged them to “Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce,” as well as to “seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile,” (in other words, get on with your lives in Babylon), the Lord never intended that His people think of Babylon as “home.”  The time would come to leave, and leaving was not an option.

    This world is never to be home for us.  We are exiles.  Pilgrims.  Ready and willing to move whenever the Lord calls us home.