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Monday, January 7. Job 11 – 13

Job’s reply to Zophar is the most blunt thus far – a fact that becomes obvious in chapter thirteen.

Chapter twelve begins a point Job will make repeatedly: God is responsible for everything. God is responsible for Job’s condition, a condition not befitting a righteous man – and that’s what Job claims to be. Job wants to know the reason the Lord has afflicted him (that’s chapter thirteen).

Are you afraid to charge God will injustice?

It’s what Job is doing.

You will be a blessed person if life never presents you with an occasion to do what Job is doing here. But if it does, understand that there is no shame in those thoughts, feelings, or even expressions. God is, as Job insists, a big God. He can take it. The important thing is to take it all to God. As long as there is conversation, there is hope.