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Monday, January 9. Job 18 – 20

    At last, Job says plainly what we’ve suspected he believed all along: “God has wronged me” (19:6).  “The hand of God has struck me” (19:21).  And if that isn’t enough, his friends have added to his misery with their preaching tone.

    And yet, though he has every human reason to turn from God, Job doesn’t.

    The most effective argument against God specifically and religion in general is the existence of evil in the world, bad things that, for no good reason, plague mankind.  If God is all good and all powerful, he wouldn’t let these things happen.  Therefore, since they do happen, God either doesn’t exist or He is not good or not powerful.

    I believe Christians should know whether God exists, and yes, you can know.  But even if you don’t know, understand what Job understood, God was his only hope.  And so he cries: “How my heart years within me!”

    Most important, whether Job could recite arguments for God’s existence or not, he knew about God.  He knew God as his “redeemer,” his rescuer.  This is why Bible reading is so important.  It reveals not so much the truth of God’s existence as the truth of his nature.  Despite what we see and how we feel, this is what we know.