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Tuesday, January 15. Job 37 – 39

In chapters thirty-eight and thirty-nine, God questions Job about the structure of the world (38:4-24) and the maintenance of the world (38:25 – 39:30).

Who cares when the mountain goats and the deer give birth?

God does.

Who feeds the wild donkey who, though free, has to forage about for food?

God does.

God has made the animals to have special gifts to make sure they are not helpless (the eagle has vision to detect prey from afar. The ostrich lacks good sense, but can run like the wind).

The point to it all is that by His careful creation of such a complex world, and by his care for creatures who seemingly have no one to care for them, God illustrates that this world and all within it – including humans – are very much under His gaze and on His heart and mind.

That includes Job. And you. And me.