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Sunday, May 25. Job 40 – 42, Psalm 1

Job’s position has been that God has wronged him. He does not claim to be perfect, only that his life has not warranted the misery thrust upon him – and he blames God for it. Job’s three friends have maintained that God doesn’t send misery on good people. They have made numerous accusations against Job but frankly, in their hearts and in their speeches, they know they are wrong. Job, they know, is a good man. He does not deserve what he has received. Job 32:3 says that his friends could not refute him. This does not mean that they could not “convince” him he was wrong. It means they simply could not prove their point.

Elihu’s long-winded speech traveled the same ground the other friends did, though he spoke with much more authority yet with no more evidence.

The problem was with their world view. They viewed all misfortune as the judgment of God, and all blessing as the approval of God. They were wrong.

In the end, God speaks and basically tells Job he’s overstepped himself in charging God with evil. There are things beyond Job’s understanding and comprehension. The same thing is true with us. And when face to face with the inexplicable, the best decision is to stick with God. Job did, and in the end, he purposefully blessed by God – not because he was right in his judgments (Job wasn’t), but because he was a person of faith.