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Monday, January 16. Job 41, 42; Genesis 12

    If Moses wrote the book of Job – as the Jewish Talmud claims – we would do well, as we end the book, to ask: “Why?”

    The book reveals that our world is influenced by God and Satan, and you learn more about the devil in this book than in any other in the Old Testament.  The book also reveals a tremendous amount of information about God.  Even Job’s friends say true things about God and while their insight regarding the relationship between God and man is, at times, inadequate, their views likely mirrored the views of the Israelites.  Moses would be telling his people: what you think you know is not all the story.

    The book exalts God as maker and controller of heaven and earth; he alone is to be worshiped.

    And as the book closes, you see that God blesses those who are faithful to Him.  Job would not renounce what he knew about himself.  Neither would he renounce his dependence on God – even in the toughest of times.  That’s why Job is regarded, in the Old Testament at least, as a great hero of faith (note Ezekiel 14:14,20).

    When days are dark, the light that is God is still there.  Though our misery may blind us to His presence, He has not left us, nor forsaken us.  Though there are forces in the world we have never met, God never takes His eye off His children.