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Reading Through the Bible, Sunday, March 13. Judges 14-17

    According to the law of Leviticus, when something holy touches something unholy, the holy becomes unholy.  The reverse does not hold.  The touch of the holy does not render the unholy holy.

    It’s an important point to remember.  Especially in the story of Samson.

    Samson’s biggest problem was that he would not stay away from the unholy.  He was born to be a holy person.  But as he grew into adulthood, he seemed almost magnetically attracted to the unholy.  He wants to marry a philistine woman even though God and his parents said “no.”  He willingly touched dead carcasses and ate food from them.  His illogical and maniacal attraction toward bad women is inexplicable.  Because he would exercise no self-control, and because his lack of control constantly got him into trouble, he became an angry and destructive man.

    Christians are called to be holy.  Our attraction to the world however sullies our holiness and makes life difficult.  It often makes us difficult.  We know what we should be, but our baser desires keep us from attaining the goal.

    There is only one way out of this mess: repentance.  To acknowledge our ways are sinful and to seek forgiveness from God and help to live better is the essence of repentance.  Samson never asked God for forgiveness.  He never acknowledged that he’d done wrong.  And he died with the very people who held him captive.  The same will happen to us if our lives are captivated by the people and ways of the world.