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Tuesday, July 24. Micah 1 – 3

    Micah prophesies God’s ordained coming calamity for Judah.

    It cannot be stopped.

    It’s not one of those oracles that says: “I only you would do such and such, I would change my mind.”

    God isn’t going to change His mind.  Israel has become irredeemable, and her incurable (Micah 1:9) cancer has now spread to Judah.  There is nothing Judah can do.  She is defiled beyond all remedy (2:10).

    What could possibly place a person beyond the reach of God’s grace?

    Read Micah for the list of Judah’s sins.  Mark them well.  These are the things that place the people of God beyond redemption; the things that guarantee destruction.  Read Micah and take warning.  There are some lives that cannot be redeemed even by the sacrifice of Jesus.  Don’t go there.