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Monday, April 30. Psalms 61 – 63


Can there be a more discouraging, frightful word?

I know people who enjoy peace and quiet, curling up with a good book by the fire on a winter’s day.  I know people who are “comfortable in their own skin.”  But I don’t know anyone who delights in being “alone.”

Psalm 62 is full of “alones” – more than any other Psalm.

Weak himself (described as a “leaning wall, a tottering fence”) he faces great opposition.  Experience has revealed he can count on no one – lowborn or high.  He has experienced enough betrayal to know that outward appearances only disguise a deceitful heart. Not even wealth can help him.

Though surrounded, he feels alone and there, abandoned be everything he can see,  he turns to the invisible company that is constantly present.  He turns to God.  The Lord will help.  The Lord can rescue.  That’s who He is.  It’s what he does for all who make him their only refuge.