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Tuesday, Psalm 7. Psalms 81 – 83

We know that Psalm 83 involves the oppressive alliance of the historical enemies of God’s people. We just don’t know when it happened. Many of the Psalms attributed to Asaph we have dated early 6th century B.C. because of the destruction of the temple, but no such destruction seems contemplated here – only danger.

The Psalm calls to mind the events of Numbers 31 and Judges 4 – 8 and asks God to act in the same way. The Psalm begins quite differently than most others: “Stop being quiet. Stop being still. Stop being silent.” If ever there were a time for God to move and make some noise, the time is now – but He doesn’t.

The Psalmist once again focuses on God’s own honor. These are His enemies. They are conspiring against God’s people and plotting against God Himself.

There are three parts to the request. The Psalmist wants these conspirators killed and shamed so that they will “seek” God’s name.

It will be a bit difficult to seek God when you are dead, as the Psalmist often reminds God (see Psalms 6:5 and 30:9). So what does he really want?

Most of all, he wants relief. For some of the oppressors, that will mean death. For others, humiliation. But in the end, the writer wants everyone to know that only the Lord is God over all the earth. It is a reminder to us in this prayer what we all should want for all people: that they come to know the Lord.