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Wednesday, May 9. Psalms 92 – 94

Psalm 92 is the only Psalm dedicated to the “Sabbath,” the day of rest for God and Israel in the Old Testament.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that other Psalms weren’t sung or recited on the Sabbath, only that this one was specifically written for such an occasion.

Because it is the only song written for the Sabbath, perhaps its contents provide us with a Sabbath purpose.  It is a time to think about and praise God for his love and faithfulness, His works, and His guidance.  It is also a time for reflection on one’s own life, to be mindful of the end that must come to us all, and the particular but vastly different ends that will come to the righteous and the wicked.

Having considered these matters, the Psalm drives us to consider the future direction of our lives, the course to take when the Sabbath is over.

The New Testament does not prescribe a Sabbath day.  It does call us to “count the cost,” to “examine ourselves,” to praise and repent.  It seems to me that requires some time – some special, allotted time, time spent in praise; time spent in worship.  Christianity has just such a day, not called “the Sabbath,” but the “Lord’s Day,” a time devoted to thinking about God, life, direction, and our future, all within the framework of a coming judgment.  It’s too bad that all too often that day, the Lord’s Day, is given over to self, and a  pursuit of worldly recreation.  No wonder then that when the Lord’s Day is over, we end up following the direction of the world rather than the direction of God.