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Friday, May 10. Psalms 92 – 94

We live in a nation where the people select their own government. And yet, though we are not troubled with the kind of uprisings prevalent in some dictatorships we have seen in recent years, there is great discontent. A Gallup poll two years ago revealed that 81% of Americans are unhappy with our government, a government we elected to office.

Psalm 94 is the psalm of the discontented citizen. He sees injustice, and he sees injustice succeed. He sees a heartless oppression of the weak, and he sees that oppression succeed. Most of all, He sees a disdain for God and an attitude of total unconcern about how God regards these activities. Give an account to God? Pshaw!

And that attitude seems to succeed too.

We might “vote the bums out” when the time comes. But the psalmist has no such recourse and doesn’t resort to name calling. He simply describes the problem (as he sees it) to God, voices his confidence, and leaves it in confidently God’s hands.

After all, if we believe God puts people in office and that He is sovereign over the affairs of men and nations, it would be best to take any complaint up with Him. He is, after all, the only one who can do anything about it.