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Saturday, May 11. Psalms 95 – 98

Seven times in the Psalms you will find the statement: “the Lord reigns.”  Most often this statement occurs in Psalms 93 – 99.  The meaning of this statement is “The Lord is king.”  Israel is not the only one to proclaim their god to be king.  Every ancient near eastern peoples said the same thing.  But “the Lord” here is not just any god.  It is specifically the God of Israel.  To proclaim Him “king” was to deny the sovereignty of any other God.  There were and are no half-way measures.

It is this God whose very movements, according to Psalm 97, affect the course of nature – unlike the movements of idols and the gods whom they represent who have no affect one way or the other, good or bad.  It is why their worshipers are put to shame.

But it is not enough to “love the lord” or worship Him – even exclusively.  Our behavior must be modified to honor Him.  We must hate evil, and not allow it to reign or influence our lives.  This is where worship of the only God must lead.  There are no half-way measures.