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Reading Through the Bible, Sunday, July 3. Psalms 123 – 126

    Psalm 123 is a Psalm of “disorienttion,” the cry of an anguished life seeking relief.

    The writer speaks for his companions who find themselves in the position of slaves.  Those with authority over them are oppressive and abusive, and the company of the Psalmist finds themselves devalued, insulted and hurt.

    We have not other information.  The Psalm is the yet unanswered cry of despair.

    Not all prayers are answered the way we want them, and as we’ve seen so often in our readings, the silence of God’s response is often unexplained.  But He is our only hope as the was the Psalmist’s, and in faith, we continue to take our hurt to Him.  This Psalm is valuable in that it provides the words to do so.