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Tuesday, May 21. Psalms 129 – 131

The restless heart seeks answers. The restless heart seeks resolution.

And the restless heart seeks it all . . . now.

But in Psalm 131, the restless heart is stilled. David speaks of being like a weaned child with its mother, which seems a bit odd. Is not the restless child stilled by being at his mother’s breast rather than weaned from it?

Yes, if the child is still a child. But when the child grows up, he is no longer restless as he was before, and the comfort of the breast no longer holds an attraction for him and he no longer insists on the comfort of its immediacy. He has moved beyond it and it is comforting just to be with mother.

So it should be with all who have grown in faith. Our hearts are no longer restless, but stilled with the thought of God’s presence and care. Nothing is any longer about us. Everything is about the Lord. On Him we hope and depend.