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Friday, July 25. Song of Solomon 6 – 8

The husband addresses the insecurity of the bride with an affirmation of his love for her in chapter six. He begins with her head.

Having moved in his admiration for her the length of her body from top to bottom, he explains his absence: he’s been tending to business.

In chapter seven he turns once again to his admiration for the bride by describing in exquisite detail her body; this time from feet to head. The bride replies that she would be willing to go with him to work and they could examine the crops together but in her reply, she picks up on his description of her mouth as the best wine and offers her mouth (wine) to his. She is delighted their separation has come to an end.

Why is the husband so interested in her looks rather than her mind – or one of another countless things she thinks is so important?

Because that’s the way guys are. We are visual.

We’re also a little blind. Women pay attention to their appearance because that’s the way women are (and looking in a mirror, a woman can be fairly critical (see chapter 1 verse 6 for how the Shunumite sees herself). A man pays attention to a woman’s appearance because that’s the way men are. Unfortunately, men are a little blind when it comes to their own appearance. You will seldom see a man admiring himself in a mirror, but when you do, trust me, he’s not seeing what a woman sees. He sees a hunk – no matter what he looks like. And we like to hear a woman say she sees us as we see ourselves.