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Friday, April 25. 2 Chronicles 9 – 11

The account of Rehoboam’s reign takes 58 verses in Chronicles. In comparison, Kings gives him 34 verses. Not only is the account longer, the writer’s interest is different. The Chronicler begins with Rehoboam’s attempt to unite Israel. God informs him that he should not fight with his brothers, and Rehoboam is obedient to God. In addition, the priests and Levites and all the people are obedient to God (note the three references to obey the Lord, seek the Lord, and walked in the ways of David and Solomon) and the nation prospers (note the use of the word “strength” three times in chapter 11). The business of walking in the ways of Solomon (and David) is emphasized by the selection of numerous wives (for himself and his sons) and by the advance appointment of a crown prince who is not his eldest male child.

While chapter twelve informs us that Rehoboam’s dedication lasted only three years, both chapters emphasize God’s willingness to bless when there is even a modicum of faithfulness. We don’t get from either chapter that Rehoboam was a paragon of spirituality, but he appears teachable and repentant when disciplined. This is the heart of the message regarding Rehoboam. It would be an important message for the Israel of the Exile. However rebellious they had been, repentance could bring the blessing of God. I think that’s an eternal message, surely one for our own time.