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Friday, May 2. 2 Chronicles 32 – 34

Why does the strong man stumble?

There have been at least four great revivals in the Chronicler’s history, and every one involved a king whose feet were made of clay.

Jehoshaphat made sure the common people were taught the word of the Lord by the best men in Judah and witnessed the blessings of the mighty hand of God. But strangely, he allied himself with the wicked king of Israel and saw his plans for greatness spoiled.

Joash repaired the temple and instituted great reforms, but later in life, he was led astray by the influence of evil officials of Judah and was eventually assassinated.

Hezekiah also led Judah in spiritual renewal, but his personal faith in times of crisis was weak.

And Josiah sought the Lord from an early age, had the temple repaired and restored, and led Judah in a celebration of the Passover that had not been seen since the days of Samuel. And yet, he found it difficult to listen to God and follow his direction.

The strong man stumbles because he trusts in his strength and relies on it more than on God. And therein lies his weakness, a weakness that brings humiliation and failure. The only strength worth having is “strength in the Lord.”