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Thursday, May 22. Job 30 – 32

In chapter 32 we meet a new character, Elihu. Out of respect, he’s been quiet the whole time and allowed the older characters to speak, but frankly, he’s heard enough. Throughout, Job has maintained his innocence and if God is in control of everything, punishes the wicked and blessed the faithful – then, Job maintains, God has mistreated him.

Elihu is livid that Job would speak this way, and even more upset that Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar have not been able to persuade Job otherwise.

Now, Elihu believes his turn has come. He claims to know the truth and be compelled by the spirit of God to speak. Arrogantly, he says his words come from an upright man who knows what he is talking about. His address to Job is pointed and condescending (read 33:31-33).

And then, Elihu repeats what has already been said: Job is suffering. God sends suffering on evil doers. Therefore, Job must be an evil doer. The suffering will not be lifted until Job repents.

Youth knows no more than old age, and neither have the wisdom to explain all mysteries of life. Job has said it before. Wisdom can only be found in the hand of God.