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Friday, November 15. Titus

The “no nonsense” nature of Christianity is evident in chapter three of Titus. We are not quarrelsome people. Those who want to “fuss” are to be warned twice, then treated as an outcast. There is an expectation in the church that Christians will change and grow and become better people. Patience is needed with all of course. We were all, at one time, living disreputable lives. But having become a Christian change must be forthcoming and the recalcitrant are not to be tolerated.

The christian life begins with the work of God. He saves us, cleanses us, and rebirths us into a new life. But that life is to actually be new. It is not just a thinly painted version of the old one. After all, we have become heirs of God with the hope of eternal life. We have to live differently.

The last chapter of Titus emphasizes this necessity of change. The previous chapters reveal that the change should be seen in lives that are worthy of respect, self-controlled, serious, respectful, and eager to do good rather than have a propensity for evil. If this isn’t you, understand you have work to do and God expects you to get on with it.