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Friday, September 14. 2 Chronicles 4 – 6

    The Chronicler condenses the description of the building of the temple to forty verses from Kings eighty-nine verses, and what comes through in the description is grandeur.  Gold is mentioned as often in Chronicles as Kings, but in only half the space.

    Fine gold.  Gold from Parvaim.  Even the nails were gold (only mentioned in Chronicles).

    But it is not just grandeur that is emphasized here.

    Do you remember in Exodus, those long chapters where God specified how he wanted His tabernacle built, followed by equally long chapters – quite repetitious – saying that it was built exactly that way?

    In 1 Chronicles 28, the writer specifically tells us the plans for the temple were provided by God’s Spirit.  It was not just David’s dream.  Here, in 2 Chronicles 4, the temple furnishings are mentioned as they were in 1 Chronicles 28, as if to say: This was the plan, and see, the plan was followed.

    From this point on, the presence of these implements of worship signify Israel’s relationship with God.  When she is bad, the implements are taken away.  When she is restored, so are the implements (compare 2 Chronicles 12:9; 16:2ff ; 25:24; 28:24ff ; 36:18ff with 2 Chronicles 24:14ff and Ezra 1:7ff).

    Worship of the Lord, His way, is a sign of faithfulness to God, and faithfulness is the way of blessing.