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Friday, September 5. Ezekiel 11 – 13

A friend has had their house on the market for two years. It’s a beautiful house, decorated fabulously with the nicest of furnishings. My friend is a good person and a Christian and well regarded by a multitude of people who all want the best for her.

Recently, another friend of hers called to say she had ordered some special herbs. She was to cook them in a special way then bury the result in her yard.


Because that ritual was sure to result in selling the house!

There’s not much difference that I can see between that and burying a statue of “Saint Joseph” in your yard. It’s all an attempt at magic, an effort to either thwart the will of God – or coerce it into agreeing with your own will.

The women of captivity (13:17) were likewise engaged in magic, and sold their spells to other captives who wanted relief. The only good that came from it was that the sellers relieved their suffering at the expense of the naive. The bad part was that the Lord would increase the suffering of all.

No matter what it is: selling your house, finding a job, . . . whatever – entrust yourself to God in prayer, and be willing to wait for the Lord’s time.