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1 — What We Believe About God

I believe there is a God at least because it puts me in the vast majority.  Every culture, every race of people has always believed in some god.  If there was no god, ever, why would anyone dream one up? More importantly, why would anyone buy into him?

I believe this God created all things.  My alternative is to believe that something, quite by accident, came from nothing; that life, quite by accident, came from that which never had life; that consciousness came about, quite by accident, from that which never had consciousness  – all events that have never “accidently” happened again.  Our world makes more sense if an intelligent, designing, all-powerful cause is behind it.

I believe in a specific God, the god of the Old Testament, of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Israel.  I believe in this God because He has shown Himself in history through the lives of these people.  The very existence of the Jewish people would be without explanation were it not for God.  Theirs is not just a religion, and they are not just people.  They are “a” people, and solely because of the actions of the God of the Old Testament.

Because I believe in the God of the Bible, I believe in only one God.

I believe God is one.  It’s different from believing in one God.  In the Bible, God is described as a “father,” and a “son.”  There’s no way around this.  That’s two.  Add in the Holy Spirit, and that’s three.  And yet, these three are repeatedly said to be “one.”  Not one thing, but one, united, totally.  The nature of this “oneness” informs the nature of God’s children.  He calls us to be united, “one,” as He is one.

“I believe in God.” Like “I believe in Monica,” it is an expression of trust.  God has all power, and He cares for His people above all things.  He will use His power in our behalf.  Who else can I trust supremely?  Even when He seems to let me down (and it has happened), I know there is no one more reliable, no one more powerful.