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Job 13

Job wants what we all want sometimes: an answer from God. Nothing about his circumstance makes sense. He knows God is in control of all things and can do anything. He just wants to talk with God. He believes he will feel better.
As we shall see, he won’t.
Job does not deny he is a sinner. He only contends that he is not so bad a sinner that he deserves this particular fate. In fact, he is not sure anyone deserves what he is experiencing. God is so great, and man is so puny. As opponents, man has no chance.
But . . . and this is the great thing about Job. As shabbily as he feels God has treated him, God remains Job’s hope. One day he will die, but his confidence is in God and whatever God thinks he has done to deserve such treatment will be forgiven. His offenses will be sealed up in a bag and buried, never to be seen again.
Job doesn’t understand, but he knows his only hope is in God. He is unwilling to band-aid his hurt by thinking that good times may be around the corner. He is unwilling to let God off the hook as the cause of his misfortune. But he is also unwilling to abandon his trust in a redeemer who will one day, soon or late, deliver him.
Ahhh to have that kind of confidence! And why shouldn’t I? God has already done more for you and me than He ever did for Job.