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Making Disciples

In her recent book, Confronting Christianity, Rebecca McLaughlin writes:

In 2015 I met an Iranian science professor from a world-class university. I asked him how he came to be a Christian. He replied, “Through the ministry of J.S. Bach!” My new friend had been raised in a Muslim family. But when the Islamic revolution swept through Iran in 1980, he abandoned his familial faith. Alongside his scientific studies, my friend was a semiprofessional flutist. Classical music was banned by the new government, so music lovers crowded into private houses to savor illicit sonatas. Before one secret concert, my friend rehearsed a Bach flute sonata with his musical mentor but was stopped a few bars in: “I cannot hear the cross of Christ in what you are playing,” his mentor complained. My friend was bewildered: with little knowledge of Christianity, he had no idea what his mentor meant. But the challenge stuck with him. Gradually, he began to apprehend the profoundly Christian fabric of Bach’s works; and when he first walked into a church a few years later, he sensed the same reality.

Reading those words I was reminded of these very important truths: while there is only one road to Christ, no one knows it on their own. Everyone must be shown the way. The way can only be shown by Christ followers, but it is revealed in ways that are as varied as the lives we live and the experiences we share.

It may not be Bach, but you have something in common with a friend, an acquaintance, a co-worker, a relative who needs to know the way to Jesus. Use that commonality to point them to Christ that they too might become a disciple.