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Monday, April 7. 2 Kings 5 – 7

Elijah and Elisha are the focal point prophets of Kings. Their ministry was to the northern kingdom. But they were not the only prophets. You can see this from the repeated references to the “company of the prophets” mentioned in the first nine chapters of this book. Elisha and Elijah are clearly the leaders of this group, which, according to chapter six, was growing. The miracles that are performed underscore the power of the leader. He miraculously provides oil for cooking (2:1-7), makes bad food good (4:38-41), and feeds a hundred people (4:42-44).

The miracles become greater.

First a floating axe head.

Then, the Syrians, having besieged Samaria (capital city of the Northern Kingdom), reduce God’s people to cannibalism. God delivers His people overnight.

The first readers of this book live over a hundred years after these events. Their countrymen, the nation of Israel, are no more. Israel is lost because of sin, but none of the readers should surmise that such happened to them unjustly or capriciously. God’s powerful presence was evident in his prophets for a long time, and still, Israel refused to listen to Him or them. Their end was deserved. The remaining nation of Judah, now but captives, should take note.