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Monday, May 20. Psalms 126 – 128

The old NIV translation begins Psalm 126 with the idea of the return from captivity. The newer translation, and probably the more accurate one, refers to restoring “the fortunes of Zion.” The latter translation makes this psalm of ascent singable at any time in Israel’s history after a period of oppression or destruction.

Think about a time in your life when things were really bad; you weren’t sure they would ever turn around, you didn’t know how you would ever get out of that mess. And then, though it may have taken a while, it seemed like – suddenly – the problem was over. Or perhaps it dawned on you that you were no longer troubled by it.


Having come through that storm, what now faces you is: “what do I do now?”

This is the concern of the Psalmist in verse four. The bad times are over. But what does the future hold? The writer does not bemoan that situation. Instead, he puts a seed bag on his shoulder and goes to plant. In modern parlance, he gets to work making his future and with his work, he brings God into a partnership for success through prayer.

Whatever you face today, in all probability, three years from now, you will face it no longer and you will wonder why it worried you so. The task is to face today with a plan for the future, and count on the Lord for success.