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Monday, November 17. Romans 8 – 10

Romans 8 is the last chapter in the first section of Romans.

In chapters 1 – 8, Paul’s point is that the Christian way of life does not allow for a relationship with God divorced from behavior. Rather, a relationship with God requires good behavior. To behave sinfully is a betrayal of our relationship.

But how are we to do this? How are we to live properly?

This is the crescendo of chapter eight. God has made salvation and righteousness possible. And it is God who makes the righteous life possible. It is possible by God’s power when we set our minds on what God’s Spirit wants, when we submit our lives to God’s law. When we determine, by the power of God’s Spirit, to kill off our old way of living and be led in a new way of life, God will make it happen. He will do so because we are His children.