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Monday, October 14. Luke 12 – 14

“Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?” (Luke 13:23)

If word count is any indication, “salvation” is an incredibly important subject to Luke – mentioned more by him than any other gospel writer.  Keep in mind that Luke is not writing from Jesus’ perspective, in other words, he’s not just reporting what Jesus said and who he said it to.  He is writing from a post resurrection perspective.  Salvation is not just the forgiveness of sins.  It is also not just the entrance into the fellowship of the redeemed.  It points to the end-game of the gospel, a residence in the house of God.

So, when these people ask “will only a few be saved,” it is the end-game to which they refer.  The reference to the owner of the house closing the door only has meaning if this is what is involved.
The idea that everyone will be saved is . . . malarkey.

But who will the saved be?

The saved will be, of course, those who have believed in Jesus.  But beyond that, they will be people who have changed their lives: people who have repented.  No one can expect to enter the New Jerusalem, the City of God come down out of heaven, and like as he has always lived.  Jesus calls us to a radically different lifestyle.