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Monday, October 27. Luke 12 – 14

Who are the people God favors?

Obviously His own children; they are blessed above all.

But among the children, who does God favor?

Interestingly, this matter comes up twice in a most pointed way in Luke and both times, only Luke records the event.

The first time is in Luke 11. At a banquet a woman, in an effort to praise Jesus, pronounces a blessing on Jesus’ mother. Jesus replies that something is more important for divine blessing: hearing the word of God and doing it (verses 27-28).

The second time is again at a banquet, again hosted by a Pharisee. A fellow diner pronounces a blessing on those who sit at the banquet of the kingdom of God. Jesus’ reply is a bit along these lines: “You’d think so wouldn’t you? But are you aware that there are those who will refuse the invitation? And because they refuse the invitation, those who actually get to eat there will be the very ones you would not expect.” In this case, who is it God favors?

The one who heeds the call.

But why wouldn’t a person heed the call?

Jesus provides the answer in verses 25 – 33. The call requires total allegiance, total dedication.

It still does, and those who answer that call are the ones God will favor.